Cindy Toufan and Corrado D'Agostino


Hi Mary,
This was our first time at Luna Park comp and I feel compelled to let you know what a great comp it was.
The organisation, venue and atmosphere was fantastic.
Thank you for a great experience.
Looking forward to next year.
Kind Regards,
Cindy Toufan & Corrado D’Agostino
(Gabrielle Toufan, Thomas D’Agostino)

Ross and Anne-Maria Adlam


Hi Mary,
Anne-Maria and I wish to thank you and all your team for a great event.
The venue was great, the atmosphere was wonderful and everything seemed to run very smoothly as far as we were concerned. Good sized areas for changing made things easy.
The music was some of the best we have ever had to dance to in the 95 competitions Anne-Maria and I have done in the last 11 years in New Zealand and Australia. Music choice can make or break a competition. The music on the weekend definitely MADE it for us, thank you 🙂
We would also like to make special mention of the hard work done by the marshaling crew. It is a hard job to corral all of the competitors but they did a superb job. Thank you to them.
Overall Anne-Maria and I had an awesome competition and definitely would love to come back in the future 🙂 .
All the best
Ross & Anne-Maria
New Zealand

Michael Maguire and Christine Searle

September, 2017

Hi Mary,
Now that the dust has settled and you have had the opportunity to catch your breath, Christine and I would like to sincerely congratulate and thank you for making the event happen.
I have danced at this event every year since it's beginning and will continue to into the future as you have truly put together a premier event; one of the best on the Australian Dancesport calendar. Congratulations again on a job well done.
With our greatest appreciation,
Michael and Christine

Michael Gunasekera and Keith Eaton

August, 2017

Dear Mary & Rosemary,
Congratulations on a brilliant Ballroom Championship!  The event was truly wonderful.  You both make everyone feel so welcome and present a world class event in Sydney.  It is so nice to see and hear an organiser wanting the very best for the dancers. The great support that you received for the event is testimony to the high regard that the Ballroom dance community hold for you both and your Championship. Congratulations again.
Best wishes,
Michael & Keith xx

Michelle Cummings

August 2013

Dear Mary,
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a wonderful day. It was a pleasure to meet you Mary and thank you so much for all your help and assistance. It was above and beyond my expectations and I sincerely thank you for your kindness. The day was absolutely wonderful and everyone involved should be congratulated and given a huge hug and kiss, they did a brilliant job. What an enviable position to be in that the entries exceeded expectations and you had so many competitors. Goes to show what a great reputation this event has so early in the piece, and well deserved. It was a beautiful event. Congratulations to you and everyone involved. I look forward to next year.
Warm regards,
Michelle Cummins

Kim Tongue

August 2013

Hi Mary,
Just wanted to flick you a quick email to let you know that the Competition on Saturday was AMAZING!!! We loved the atmosphere of Luna Park it was a terrific venue and hats off to you guys as the competition was so well run! It was definitely one of the best competitions we have ever been too! Just wanted to thank you both so much for running such a great event! We will definitely be back next year!! Well done! 🙂
Kindest Regards,
Kim Tongue

Riley Schaeffer

August 2013

To Mary,
Hello I am Riley Schaeffer I competed in the junior section of the competition. I would just like to congratulate on your competition great success. The competition was a hit I would say it was one of the best championship competition I have ever attend. I would especially like to congratulate Mary who did a fabulous job making the comp run on time making sure all the presentations went smoothly and also look after here fantastic staff and adjudicators. The way that you organised for the juvenile and junior presentation for them to stand on the podium this championship was the first ever competition I have attended where competitors who won normal events like level 1&2 and 2&3. Letting the competitors stand on the podium made us feel special and like we have achieved something big. I would also like to congratulate on having so many competitors at the second comp. I would hope that this comp gets bigger over the years to come; it is also nice to see so many overseas competitors. Overall this championship was a great success and I hope to attend for many years to come so congratulations.
Yours Sincerely,
Riley Schaeffer

Anthony Hurley

March 2012

Luna Park, WDCAL and Freedom to Dance combine to make this event a must for all competitors of all grades. Beautifully organised, great music in a wonderful venue. The organizing team under Mary deserve the best support imaginable. Regulars who have attended in the last few years will surely tell any first timers what a great day of competition dancing this event has to offer.

Ofelia Kasilag

September 2012

Hello Mary,
Congratulations on the very successful Ballroom Dancing Competition last Saturday!
And thank you for allowing us to cover the event for our media group. We will send you copies of the publication as soon as they are out.
Ofelia Kasilag

Peter Ward

September 2012

Hi Mary,
Congratulations on a great show on Saturday, Valentina and I really enjoyed ourselves. The presentation, music and organisation were all really top notch and the venue; what a brilliant idea! So refreshing to have some lateral thinking in the industry these days – well done.
Kind regards,
Peter Ward

Cliff Crawford

September 2012

Hi Mary,
Congratulations on running a wonderful comp.
Very well organised and had a great atmosphere.
Will certainly attend next year. Accommodation closeby was an added bonus.
A credit to you all
Regards Cliff and Donna Crawford (Brisbane)

Rick Coleman

September 2012

Dear Mary,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for the stunning event you both organized at Luna Park. It was an unforgettable day, an event that was everything a dancer could wish for! It was great to be part of an event that had such expert judges, a great event team, fabulous dance facilities for dancers, assume music – all thanks to you! We have never experienced a Dancesport competition with such an electric atmosphere and filled with fabulous dancing! We cannot wait for next year’s event, which will undoubtedly draw Dancesport competitors from all over Australia.
We cannot even begin to express our gratitude in being the lucky couple who won the trip to Paris!!!!!! We are still so overwhelmed trying to come to terms with it! It is our dream come true to have an opportunity like this to travel to Paris and observe and compete in the world Latin championships. We thank you for this opportunity and will cherish every moment being there, learning, growing and developing our passion for dance. We are so eager and excited to get everything organized and ready! Once again thank you so so so much.
Looking forward to hearing back from you,
Kindest regards
Rick Coleman and Steph Cappas